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Guide for Luxury Real Estate Digital Marketing in Kerala

Anoop T Unnikrishnan - August 30, 2020 - 0 comments

Every brand must market their products in their own way.

Digital marketing became as the vital part of every brands marketing strategy especially in the luxury real estate sector. But most of the brands is throwing money without having a proper strategic planning. Just floating the way their competitors going.

I am here trying to build a digital marketing vision for the luxury real estate brands in Kerala. I hope, this will help you to build the right digital marketing guide for your real estate brand.

I splits the entire digital marketing strategy of a real estate brand in to four.

  1. Building and maintaining trust
  2. Showcasing the features of the apartments/villas strategically
  3. Reaching the right audience
  4. Integrating the digital marketing techniques into sales process


Trust on Brand

In Kerala, buying a property also means an ideal investment for the future. So, trust on the brand became as the most crucial factor that customers consider while buying a property. The recent Maradu issue and government strong action against the violated apartments almost hit like a tsunami on Kerala real estate industry. So, every brand should develop and implement a super mechanism to track and maintain the reputation on time.


How to build trust?

This is something totally depends on the brand values and policies. Every brand should be transparent to their customers. They should follow RERA and Government rules strictly to keep them away from troubles and maintaining the reputation.

Another one is giving proper status update to the investors or buyers. In real estate, some peoples will buy the projects in incredibly early stages of the construction. This will give some financial benefits to the buyer, but there is some risk involved in it. Because every project will take years to complete the construction and buyers have to wait a long period acquire the property. Anything can happen in this period, so every brand should provide proper status update to the buyers.

Here are my suggestions on this:

  1. Monthly newsletter
  2. Send project status in WhatsApp on a monthly basis.
  3. Create a GMB listing for each project and update the status there on a biweekly or monthly basis. Now GMB comes with too many options to do it.
  4. Sending special day wishes to buyers


How to track and maintain trust?

No brand can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction but addressing their questions on time is very crucial to maintain reputation. Addressing customers concern on time will helps the brand to avoid unnecessary issues and maintaining the NPS score.

Here are my suggestions to track and maintain the reputation of a real estate brand in Kerala.

  1. Provide a dedicated customer feedback phone number and email
  2. Track the brand mentions in social media channels
  3. Track the news/articles/blogs on brand
  4. Do a sentiment analysis in every month (if you are interested in track and maintain your brand’s reputation, then my friends in SocialPulsar can help you on this.)


Showcase the products and features strategically

Luxury means elegance, Real estate brands can construct beautiful home for their customers based on the trends and future needs. But it is not enough for convincing the buyers and making them to buy the property. Because most of the sales happening before completing the project construction. So, showcasing the product nicely to early buyers is very crucial.

Band’s having to align their sales strategy with the digital team. Otherwise they may fail miserably in modern market. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Clean website: A website is a face of the brand. So they have to invest same care that giving to build beautiful homes. Every customer should get the same feeling of entering a luxury home while browsing through the website. Website should be clean and elegant for spreading the brand values, features, trust and etc….
  2. Social Media: Nothing can replace the social media from a digital marketing strategy. So a luxury brand can use Instagram, Facebook & YoutTube to showcase their luxurious elements of the home by updating the right marketing materials.


Reaching the right audience

Brands have to choose the right mediums to reach their target audience. When it comes to luxury it’s too difficult to reach target audience like HNI, so the luxury brands have to understand that they don’t get the same amount of leads that receiving for a budget friendly apartment. But choosing the right medium and targeting options will helps for reaching the target audience and generate quality leads.

Here are my suggestions on this:

  1. Google Search Ads: Nowadays, most of the digital researches are starts with a Google search. So no one can replace Google search ads from a marketing strategy. But you have to be super careful while choosing the keywords and writing ad copy for campaigns. Then only you can save the budget by restricting the unwanted traffic to website and ad clicks.
  2. Bing Search Ads: Globally Bing have around 2.44% market share and studies proven that Bing can generate high quality traffic and lead to website. So including Bing Search Ads in your marketing strategy will be an extra advantage.
  3. Facebook & Instagram Ad: It’s the right medium to use the rich media elements in Ads. So you can attract the customers quickly. But you have to be careful in choosing the targeting options.
  4. YouTube: Videos can convey the project values quickly, so YouTube marketing with right targeting will helps the brand to build awareness among target audience.
  5. OTT platforms: OTT platforms are the most emerging ad platforms in India. Disney Hot Star and Zee5 are the ideal platforms for a luxury real estate brand in Kerala to advertise.
  6. Managed Display Ads: Display Ads with managed placements and right audience setup will helps to build awareness and brand recall.


Integrating the digital marketing techniques into sales process

Every sales team must understand and accept the importance of digital marketing and technique in modern sales funnel. Otherwise it causes the brands to miss the opportunities and failing in this difficult situation. It is the responsibility of the top-level management to incorporate the latest techniques in sale process, otherwise no one will accept the changes and their mistakes.

real estate sales funnel

In most cases, the presence of a digital marketing team and technique allowed only in first three phases of a sales pipeline, that’s Awareness, interest and conversion. But measures the digital marketing result with actual sales. Actually, a digital marketing team not involved in actual sales process and closing a deal only depends on the quality of the sales team or person. So, the time already passed away to make changes in the process of the last two phases.

Marketing automation can help the brand to incorporate the digital mediums and techniques to influence the purchase decision of the people in sales pipeline and improve the actual lead to sales rate. Platforms like SharpSparing and Hubspot make wonders for the real estate brands in Kerala by giving useful customer insights to sales team, frequently making brand recall, analyzing the performance of the sales team for top level management and more.


I hope this guide on real estate digital marketing in Kerala help you to get some insights on the new digital marketing opportunities.