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Create remarketing audience in Google Ads based on the user activity

Anoop T Unnikrishnan - June 14, 2020 - 0 comments

Normally we are creating the remarketing audience in Google Ads using the pages they have visited and transaction they have done. But thinking about remarketing a product to users based on their activity will be a much better idea. I am giving some simple steps to create remarketing audience based on their activity in website pages.


Create Remarketing Audience in Google Ads using the events in Google Analytics

Step 1: Link the Google analytics and Google Ads, for this you need admin access to both Google Analytics and Google Ads

Go to Admin in Google Analytics -> Property Tab -> Audience Definition -> Audiences -> New audience


Go to the audience definition option in Google analytics


STEP 2: Then, choose the required user and member duration -> Then click on the edit button to go the advanced options:


advanced option for filtering the audeince

There is lots of audience filtering options available to choose the right audience for your remarketing purposes. Check the below image:


Add the event details to filter the right audience


For filtering the audience based on the Google Analytics events, go to the conditions in the advanced options tab and add all the required filtering option. Make sure to add maximum filters to create the perfect audience for retargeting.

complete the audience filtering

Finally, Choose the correct Google Analytics view and Google Ads account. Publish the audience for remarketing.


You are done. Happy remarketing!