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13 Reasons to Start using Google Tag Manager Today

Anoop T Unnikrishnan - December 30, 2021 - 0 comments

Key advantages of using Google tag Manager

In order to completely understand the advantages of using a tag management solution for the marketing or analytics effort, you should have a complete idea of what exactly a tag means. Let’s start with tag.

What is a Tag?

A tag is a snippet of JavaScript code, that use to collect measurement and marketing data from a website/app and then send it to third-party tools like Google Analytics, Matomo, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads,  etc.

What is a Tag Manager?

Tag Manager acts like a container. It holds all the tags and fire it as we defined. A non-technical person can easily manage all these tags without touching the source code of the website/app.

  1. Add new tag
  2. Remove a tag
  3. Update a tag
  4. Pause a tag
  5. When the tag should fire.
  6. When the tag should not fire.
  7. Where the tag should fire.
  8. Where the tag should not fire and
  9. What the tag should do, when it gets fired (executed)

Advantages of using Google Tag Manager?

#1 Time saver:

According bounteous, In their case study with Paula’s Choice, an eCommerce company that specializes in amazing skincare products experienced a 600% improvement in tag implementation time using a Tag Manager.

#2 Independence from developer:

With Tag Manager, any non-technical person can add any tracking tags to website without editing the source code of the website.

#3 Improve website speed:

GTM tags work asynchronously. That’s means, a slowly loading tag does not affect the triggering of any other tag or functionality of the website.

#4 Everything in one place:

Previously all tags were in different files in the source code, it was too difficult to manage and update and always required a developer to do it. Now all the tags are in one place and can add new tags, update and modify without any developer help.

#5 Easy testing and debugging:

GTM preview and debug mode helps lightning fast troubleshooting and correcting of errors.

#6 Re-usability of containers:

Have option to export all the tags, triggers and variables in to a single file and can export to any container.

#7 Environment management:

Enterprise level projects have at least 3 environments. Ie.. Development, Staging and Production. Environment option available in the GTM helps to setup and test the tags in development environment first and move the tested tags to staging and finally to production environment. This movements is very simple and error free.

#8 Version management:

Very useful and easy option available to switch back to older version of container immediately if you experience any issues with newly published version of container.

#9 Templates:

Google providing both built-in and custom template options. You can create your own custom template if require, but it needs some knowledge in JavaScript.

#10 Reliable community support:

GTM have a very large community, that very helpful to fix any issues occurs during analytics setup.

#11 Malware protection:

Google automatically audits all the tracking scripts added in to the GTM and pause immediately if it match any kind of malware.

#12 Managing the access to GTM account:

GTM gives you complete control over who can access, edit and publish on the website.

#13 Free:

Google provides both free and paid version of the tag manager. But the free version is sufficient enough to do the most of the digital marketing needs.